Omg! Only Women Are Ruling Over Here Since 500 Years

women ruling

Here Is The Best Example Of Women Empowerment

Yes I am proud to know that only women are ruling a market viz. Ima Keithel in Imphal in the state of Manipur, East India, it’s a 500 year old market where more than 5000 women ruling as sellers and not even a single man is allowed to sell anything in this market yes no men are allowed to merchandise here they can enter the market only for the purpose of buying. Women sell all sort of goods from fruits to utensils and clothes to ornaments in this market.

Ima Keithel Market
Ima Keithel Market

‘Ima Keithel’ is also known as the ‘Khwairamband Market’ or ‘Mother’s Market’ or ‘Queen of Markets’ by Manipuris .

Amazing facts about this market

It’s Asia’s Largest Women Market.

Only married women are allowed to sell.

It has been formed by a decision making union run by women.

Women can borrow money to run their shops from the union and return it back.

The main motive of the market is to empower women and to treat them equally.

So Women Empowerment In India Is Not New We Are Celebrating Feminism Since Centuries.