Stay Fresh & Healthy During Ramadan

Ramadan special
The Holy Month Of Ramadan Has Arrived Many Muslims Across The World Keep Fasts All Day Long For 30 Days. For Keeping A Fast People Wake Up Before Dawn For Eating The Appropriate Meal That Is Known As Sehri/Suhoor So That They Avoid The Hunger And Thirst During Fast. And In The Evening At The Time Of Dusk They Break Their Fast By Having A Feast Known As Iftar. In Iftar There Are Number Of Foods And Beverages To Eat And Drink.

Here We Will Talk About That How To Keep Yourself Fresh And Hydrated All Day Long During Ramadan So That You Can Keep Fasts Without Being Exhausted And Dehydrated In Such A Sunny Season.

Tips To Eat Healthy In Sehri/Suhoor.

  • Take some fruits, grains and vegetables enriched with carbohydrates and high fibers which will give you energy.
  • Avoid to eat too much food that is do not have a very heavy Sehri, it may cause indigestion, acidity, bloating. Also do not drink too much water for the same reason.
  • Drinking too much cups of tea will not decrease your thirst but it causes urination and may dehydrate your body. So try to take only one cup of tea.
  • You should intake foods such as eggs, grains, dairy products and white meat along with fruits, vegetables, low-fat milk, fruit juice and nuts.
  • To avoid indigestion of Sehri, sleep early and wake up at least 10 minutes before dawn. Avoid sleeping at least for an hour after Sehri to prevent reflux of stomach content into the oesophagus.

Tips To Eat Healthy In Iftar.

  • It is to be believed that breaking your fast with a date fruit is Sunnah, and it is good for health too. It is beneficial in circulating the blood normally.
  • Eat fresh fruits so that you can come over to the energy lost the day long.
  • There is a trend of oily food such as nuggets, kebabs and other frying items are common in Iftar but do not go with too much oily food, it may cause bloating and acidity.
  • Add some protein to your feast such as white meat, curd, eggs etc.
  • Drink adequate water, do not drink too much of water at the time of Iftar.
  • Have a healthy refreshing drink such as milk shake, fruit juices etc. Say no to consume much caffeine


So try to follow this routine and stay happy and┬áhealthy in this blessed month ­čÖé┬áRamadan Mubarak┬á­čÖé