5 Non-lime lighted novels you must read once in your life

If you love to read novels then you must go through these best stories listed below.

AaBack’s Grimm: Dark Fantasy Fairy Tale

By Kristie Lynn Higgins

This is a tale about the people of two different worlds and their curses, you must read it’s all 3 parts from the beginning to end world where the witches and the beasts are not dangerous but a rose can take your life. It entertains you with twists, thrills, drama and so on.Basically its a fairy tale novel

Release Date: 06th June 2015; Genre: Fantasy.


Creep A Thriller Of Deadly Attraction

By Jennifer Hillier

This is a story about a psycho lover who is obsessed with a girl and can do anything for her and if you love thrills and suspense then go for it you will be amazed and would love to read its next thriller novel too

Release Date: 5th July 2011; Genre: Thriller.

Read- Creep A Thriller Of Deadly Attraction BY JENNIFER HILLIER


By Jennifer Hillier

This is the next novel after Creep by Jennifer Hillier, in this novel there is serial killer who embossed a name on dead bodies after committing the murders. Read this to know more.

Release Date: 3rd June 2015; Genres: modern crime or psychological thrillers

Read-Freak By Jennifer Hillier

The Billionaire’s Forbidden Desire

By Nadia Lee

This is fifth novel of series Pryce Family. It’s a love story of a billionaire named Dane Pryce and a former skater Sophia Reed, so many hurdles, misunderstandings and complications occurred in their life and they a parted but destiny made them stand in front of each other after four years again and faced so many problems again … Read to know more.

Release Date: 23rd October 2015; Genre: Romantic

Read-The Billionaire’s Forbidden Desire BY NADIA LEE

Fire In Frost

By Alicia Rades

The First Novel Of Frost Series Out Of Four. Its story of a girl Crystal Frost who tells herself she isn’t crazy, but sane people don’t see ghosts. As her psychic abilities manifest, Crystal discovers she can see into the future, witness the past, and speak with the dead, read to know more …..

Release Date: 13 March 2015; Genre: Paranormal

Read-Fire In Frost BY ALICIA RADES

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