Lipstick Under My Burkha !


Lipstick under my burkha!!!

Lipstick under my burkha 2

This movie “Lipstick under my burkha”  is not just a movie its an emotion to many Indian women who are not living their life instead they are living a life based on a so called scenario, where society judges ladies by their clothes, their profession, their lifestyle. A society who can never let a woman live freely on her own conditions and such hypocrite socialists force women to live a lifeless life where they have limits decided by society, where they have a long list of dos and don’ts and where they cannot even take their own decisions. 

Our culture has a flaw which leads gender discrimination on heights

Where a man is free to do whatever he wants to, no matter he is right or wrong and on other hand a woman cannot even wear the clothes of her choice. And the foolish reason behind this crap thinking is what if women live with liberty they can’t live safely.. Urgh! Isn’t it sound senseless?

I mean why to teach women how to live when you cannot teach men how to behave?

Society always orders women to be covered, why a man cannot be in command of make his gaze low and thoughts high?

Why can’t society be impartial and fair?

The movie narrates the story of

Four different women who are going to break all the typically designed bounds by the society, women who will take an initiative of living their life on their own conditions.

Rihanna seeks the freedom to be who she wants.

A two-timing beautician (Leela) seeks to escape the claustrophobia of her small town.

A housewife (Shireen) with three children seeks the alternative life of a saleswoman.

A 55-year-old widow, Usha finds sexual reawakening through a telephone romance with a young swimming coach.

They will throw their real shades of their own personality, this is a story about those women who’re born to break the stereotypes and to live the way they always wanted too and this movie will become an inspiration to those women who are killing their dreams and desires in the name of “Log Kya Sochenge” ! 

Writer and Director:- “Alankrita Shrivastava”

Producer:- “Prakash Jha


  • Konkana Sen Sharma as “Shireen
  • Ratna Pathak as “Usha”
  • Aahana Kumra as “Leela
  • Plabita Borthakur as “Rihanna

Do not miss this movie go to your nearest theatre to support the Lipstick Rebellions !

Releasing date :- July-21-2017 !