This Raksha Bandhan Is Not For Brothers Only!

Raksha bandhan
  • Brothers take an oath to protect their sisters on Raksha Bandhan

    This festival is the sign of the bond between a brother and a sister.

But now a days women are not safe not in home not outside not anywhere!

what society is doing to women, aren’t women have the rites to live their lives peacefully? Why in India daily women are getting harassed, raped and even killed? Such social evils just want to rule over the feminism they think women are not the pious creature of God.


A woman is a divine a female is a reason that you’re on earth do not let down this divine like this, do not ruin their lives just because of your satisfaction of some couple of minutes, do not harass a woman on extremes after all a woman is a human too. And they deserve respect, equality, democracy and liberty.

So come and lets take an oath unitedly on this Raksha Bandhan

 to make sure that there will be no harassment no rapes and no more molestation because a woman is a sister, a mother, a daughter, a friend, a wife of someone. She plays those important roles what no one else can play with the same perceftion.


Why protect only your sister?

Be united and protect and respect each and every woman of the nation and make India the safest country for women where they can live freely with no fears. Let the butterflies fly high support women support society. Because an educated woman can educate the whole society.

Come together and make this Raksha Bandhan special for every woman ❤

Happy Raksha Bandhan