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Raksha bandhan
Brothers take an oath to protect their sisters on Raksha Bandhan This festival is the sign of the bond between a brother and a sister. But now a days women are not safe not in home not outside not anywhere! what society is doing to women, aren't women have the rites...
If you love to read novels then you must go through these best stories listed below. AaBack's Grimm: Dark Fantasy Fairy Tale By Kristie Lynn Higgins This is a tale about the people of two different worlds and their curses, you must read it’s all 3 parts from the beginning to end...
Mom Means Everything In Our Life. She Plays So Many Essential Roles For Her Children, For Her Family.   No Simple Words And Lines Can Describe A Mother. Its International Mother's Day, Why to celebrate only a single day in a year for a mother. Who Daily Serves You, Daily Loves You, Who Daily Teaches You, Daily Supports You, Who Is...

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